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Saks New Mens Shoe Dept. Might Be Largest East of Mississippi

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From the moment we heard that Saks Fifth Avenue was combining its men's store into its top floors of the women's store across the street, the one burning question was, now that the women's shoe floor looks beauteous, what will the men's shoe department look like?

Well, thanks to our friends in Beverly Hills, we know that the men's shoe department, which was revamped earlier this year to incorporate a basement denim and cocktail bar, a pool table and an attached John Allan salon (shoe shines too) will be the model for Chicago's shoe department. With almost 700 styles the department store, according to WWD, Beverly Hills has the largest selection of designer footwear west of the Mississippi. So when Chicago's opens later this year or early next year, (according to us) our Saks may just have the largest selection of designer footwear east of the Mississippi.
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