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The Argo Tea Gold Coast Greenhouse Slated to Open Wednesday

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Less than a month after Argo Tea closed its original store on Armitage at Sheffield, the brand is opening what employees are calling Argo 2.0. Months ago we brought you the news of the transformation of Connors Park which would soon house an Argo Tea greenhouse... as in... all glass. When we reported on all the details of the project in January the shop had a projected an April opening. There was construction drama, which set the project behind.

Now here we are in the middle of May and it looks like this photo here. You can click it to see better that it depicts three construction hunks, a saw for cutting things and the soon-to-be greenhouse structure itself. Though it looks pretty bare bones we're told it'll be open as soon as next Wednesday, May 22, but could possibly be postponed further to Friday, May 24.
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