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You've Got Until 8PM to Shop This Warehouse Sale

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Sofia's warehouse sale is happening right now in the West Loop, and we made a trip. Our verdict? It's worth a look. The merch is a healthy mix of stuff with a Sofia tag, Vosges chocolates, (yup, there are some edibles for sale too) denim brand M2F, and a few random pieces from the likes of Rag & Bone.

Prices range from impressive to downright awesome (a Wren shirtdress that originally sold for circa $250 went home with a certain editor for just $40!) With that being said, in order to really make it worth you while, you should know a few things.

1.) Try it even if it's not "your" size. Often picked-over merch runs really big or really small. The M2F section, for example, stocked samples sizes (mostly 26-27 inch bottoms) but they're worth a try even if you're bigger or smaller than that in other brands. And even if something isn't a perfect fit, it may be worth snagging for a low price and paying a few extra dollars for tailoring.

2.) Wear proper undergarments, please. The "fitting room" is really just a sectioned off little nook (read: no door) of the warehouse, and even though there is a little screen type thing, you're not allowed to go behind it even for a second (they're rather adamant about this.) So please, don't leave your bra at home. And for the love of God, don't wear a thong.

3.) There's only one mirror in the aformentioned fitting room. And it sucks. It seems like one of those circusy trick mirrors, actually. So if you try something on and it makes you look 4 inches shorter and 20 pounds heavier, it's likely not the garment's fault. Our suggestion? Bring a friend along and make her take pictures of you in anything you're not sure about or find a friend at the sale and offer to do the same favor for her.

4.) Don't be in a hurry. There will be a lot of people grabbing items, trying them on, then returning them to the racks. In order to get the most out of this (or any) warehouse sale, you'll have to make a few laps. Scan every rack multiple times because you just may see something that wasn't there before. After all, it's not like a department store, which stocks so many pieces that you're unlikely to miss anything. Which brings us to...

5.) If you like it then you should put a grip on it. Don't let anything you're a fan of out of your sight at any point. If you do, it'll likely get snatched up by someone else. And that would suck.

You have your tips, now run to the sale before all the best stuff is gone! The sale won't end till 8 pm.
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