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SAIC's First Show of The Day: Prolific Unbridled Creativity

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Photography: James Atkins

Each year for the past 79 years students from The School of the Art Institute reveals their collection of accomplishment to front of friends, family, potential employers, fashion designers, fashion photographers in hopes to start their careers. This show though, sets itself above all others because of the heavily conceptual unbridled creativity each of the students' collections exudes. In an aesthetic like the buildings towering over Millennium Park where the show takes place, each collection has its own extreme personality and screams at one another. By looking close at the garments one can tell that the soul of each designer-as-artist dramatically jumps out in an intelligent call for attention.

And so with three more shows today concluding with THE WALK 2013, where Rodarte will accept the Legend of Fashion Award, let's run down some highlights. There was a real presence in a disheveled punk/Comme des Garçons/Sex Pistols/Vivienne Westwood mindset with standouts being Seth Garlock and Brian McIntyre. One to watch Ana Leon (once again) produced a collection out of a bath time fantasy and Austin Yamada with a pretty and relatable collection of skillfully draped feminine dresses. Marie Froehlich also brought a relatable collection of cobalt leather and wool to the runway. And lastly showing extreme technique combining new fabrics were Kara Fenoglietto, Savannah Cipriano in collaboration with Zeke Raney and Kirstie Breitfuss.

The Sophomores:

Jared Hatch on Youtube

The Finale:

Jared Hatch on Youtube
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