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Windy City Pretty: An Expert's Tips for Breezy Days

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No matter how many shades of lipstick or varieties of concealer you put in front of us, we'll always go back to the quintessential question Chicagoans face: How do we protect our skin and hair from the unavoidable wind that covers the city? Because in case you haven't noticed, Chicago is windy. All. The. Time.

We asked Marie Claire's resident beauty expert, Jennifer Goldstein, for some tips and tricks to help us emerge from the wind tunnel that is outdoor Chicago looking flawless every time. So what was her biggest tip for battling the elements, Chicago style?

"Look for products with occlusives, (shea butter, cetyl alcohol) not just emollients (glycerin, hyaluronic acid)."

So where do you find these products? Everywhere imaginable. We love L'occitane for its line of shea butter-packed products, but even brands like Vaseline make products that contain occlusives.

Do you have a favorite product (with or without occlusives) that does wonders in the fight against wind? Tell us about it in the comments!
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