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First Look Inside Evanston's Net Zero Walgreens

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Normally when you think of Walgreens, there's the the urge to complain about long lines and a conversational restraint of using the store's colloquial nickname, 'Walgrizzle'. In the last few years, the megacompany has tried a lot to curb these gut reactions--for instance, by adding stores like 40 Wall Street, State & Randolph and Bucktown. And special stores like these have touted features like a manicurist station, sushi, a fill-your-own beer growler station, concierges to point you to the Vitamin Vault and more--bringing the brand to a greater level of greater respect that doesn't conjure an intercom code "I see three".

With Walgreen's latest project in Evanston, the Net Zero Energy Walgreens, the company takes everything to the next level. This is a first for the industry and will be the greenest, most environmentally friendly net zero energy retail store in the country. Recently the company let loose the renderings, providing the first look into the store, before it's finished being built. Here, we've got the renderings, courtesy of architecture firm Camburas & Theodore.
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