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New Candy Shop Bringing Super Cuteness to Fashion Outlets

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Just today we received the news of one more sweet option opening inside The Fashion Outlets of Chicago; a very cute, old fashioned candy shop where the workers wear little bow ties and white chef coats. It's called Lolli and Pops.

Self described as "purveyors of sweetness", and as you can see here in the video, Lolli and Pops prides itself on the classic and echelon candies like Kopper's, Albanese, TCHO, Divine Delights (Petits fours), Cadbury, Asher's, Jcoco, Hachez, Meiji, Pernigotti and Scharffen Berger.

Similarly to Lolli and Pops' other stores in Tulsa and Oklahoma City, this location at The Fashion Outlets of Chicago will be broken up into several small rooms as opposed to one big room, like normal candy shops. Curved walls, polka dots and extra bright colors are used in the Gum Ball Wonka room, and warm oranges and luscious browns, dripping tables and pendant lights are used for the chocolate room and the most respected focal point to the store is the Gummy Bear room where there's a golden Buddah-like Gummy Bear shrine.
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