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How to Score 50% Off Everything at Transistor for a Whole Year

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The record shop, lifestyle electronics store Transistor moved from Andersonville to Lincoln Square only two years ago and once again is relocating to East Lakeview. What's new this time is that Transistor is seeking crowd funding through IndieGoGo to help with the move.

Prior to finding a space on North Broadway to relocate, when Transistor told their customers the store was closing at the ed of July, the customers responded with a shoulder to cry on and the ambition of helping the store stay open. The solution here was the IndieGoGo initiative to raise $6,500 in 60 days. With each donation mark there's a perk. For instance: donate $25, get 25% off; donate $50, get 50% off two items; and if you donate in the grand tier of $2,500, you 'll receive 50% off for an entire year.
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