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Your Big Break is Just Around the Corner

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...But only if you're a bit of a hair freak. Divergent, the movie based on Northwestern grad Veronica Roth's book series, is looking for extras in Chicago to be a part of what will undoubtedly be a huge blockbuster (think Hunger Games, but probably without anyone with Jennifer Lawrence's star power.)

They specifically want people with "severe" hair styles. You know, mohawks, neon streaks, gravity-defying spikes, blunt bobs, patterns shaved into the skull, and the like. This is a dystopian world that they're trying to create, so unless you're getting weird looks from the ladies who frequent Michigan Avenue, you probably don't have it. Then again, you could also wear a wig.

Think your hair has what it takes? Check here for info on how to apply.
· I am Divergent [Official Site]