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What These 'Prepare Your Cakeface' Posters Are All About

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In a bizarre turn, the surprise comeback of Twinkies has gone the way of guerrilla advertising. If you're in Lakeview, Old Town, RiNo, The Loop or the Gold Coast and you started seeing those mysterious black and white Prepare Your Cakeface posters, but hadn't had the chance to stop and think about what in samhill is happening, let us relieve you of your societal duty to think about it. It's the street campaign for the relaunch of Twinkies.

Such a low-budget tactic begs the question, is this the extent of the comeback we were promised yesterday—cryptic posters? Or is the new ownership of the cult snack cake setting itself up for something larger, like a celeb face? (Paula Deen?) Maybe a clothing brand collaboration? (Uniqlo?) Or maybe, just maybe, the first Twinkies brick and mortar store? Even better, an outlet store? (Fashion Outlets of Chicago?)
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