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Plum Market Opened This Morning and There's a Cheese Sculptor!

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Squarely putting Treasure Island in line for bankruptcy and competing on a more boutique level with Mariano's, this morning Chicago's first Plum Market opened in Old Town. Complete with concierge service, delivery, valet parking, an enormous amount of wine and liquor, exotic produce, an Intelligentsia cafe, a two-aisle apothecary with makeup, and a See's Candies counter, this Michigan-based high-end grocer is taking the North Side to new heights.

The opening celebrations are happening all day today and fanfare lasts throughout the weekend. If you stop by, you'll want to pick up a little mid-day nosh from the Glazed and Infused selection in the bakery, maybe a swig from the wine bar, or pocket one of the dozens of samples the crew is giving away. Toward the back of the store, in the cheese shop, you'll find a cheese sculptor named Bob. His project today is to sculpt three very large blocks of Wisconsin sharp cheddar to resemble The Bean (Cloudgate) with the city skyline carved into its surface as a reflection.
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