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My Fit Foods Hits Old Town and Lakeview This Saturday

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So many femmes lately are hitting the gym and keeping those extra curves in check with all those great free workout classes we've been telling you about. So the residual and necessary component to keeping your body healthily curvy, is eating well. Sure, you could hit Green City Market for all those health foods, but you'd still have to prepare them--and let's be honest, we're not as talented as Jessica Murnane.

Lucky for those of us who have been doing those epic early morning yoga classes, yet can't cook to save our lives, My Fit Foods, which we brought to your attention in March is opening in Old Town and Lakeview this Saturday. So watch your back, Treasure Island.

Look forward to shopping as you would in a grocery store only with mostly already prepped foods. These two stores are the first My Fit Foods stores in the Midwest and will be followed by one more opening this year in Chicago. The selection is primarily healthy pre-prepped foodstuffs ranging from the usual tofu, almond butter and quinoa to liquid B12 and a bizarre Kombucha soda. There's also an on-staff nutritionist at every location who can start you on nutrition challenges—for free. So in short, it's not going to be a normal grocery store.
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My Fit Foods

157 W North Ave, Chicago IL