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Bellweather Blows Up The Hideout With Shopping, Dancing, Cream Puffs and a Drunken Spelling Bee

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Chicago-born Renegade Craft Fair and favorite on the market circuit The Vintage Bazaar, are joining forces at one of the greatest dive bars in the world to bring you Bellweather. Inside, outside and all around the legendary speakeasy we affectionately call The Hideout, on both Saturday and Sunday from 12 until sun down, you'll treat yourself to "experiential and epicurean delights."

Think of it as a smaller, more ruthless, yet still exceptionally curated Dose Market or Féte--only in the street and at the bar. You'll find vintage clothing from The Hunter Gatherer, Reckless Records with tunes for sale, and prints from Nourishing Notes. You can make sculpture with reclaimed wood or a assemble a terrarium or even spin yarn as you stuff your little cheeks with cream puffs from Puffs of Doom, or see what The Tamale Spaceship (among others) has to offer.

Because after all, it is The Hideout, expect DJ sets, arty film screenings, boozy cocktails and brewskis from the bar as well as companies like Death's Door coming in just for Bellweather. All this activity together commands only one extra thing; a drunken spelling bee. So let it be done. Entry is a loose $10 suggested donation for us and kids under 12 get in free.
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