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David Axelrod, Ann Lurie List Homes; Old Chicago Panoramas

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And now the latest from Curbed Chicago, covering everything you need to know about the city's neighborhoods and real estate...

STREETERVILLE— David Axelrod listed his longtime Lake Point condo this week for $1.25M. The 3,200 square-foot, 46th-floor unit is primed for politicking with its great room and broad lake and city views. Axelrod has a new Water Place Tower condo to fall back on, as he recedes from the national stage and into academia.

GOLD COAST— Philanthropist Ann Lurie's mansion has hit the market as the city's second-priciest offering. Starting at $18.75M, the 18,500 square-foot limestone colossus has an elegant and warm decor, an exemplary solarium, and ample private gardens on its nearly-half-acre lot. Oh, and there's parking for 10 cars — absolutely necessary, were sure.

EVERYWHERE— Care to skip through a panoramic history of turn-of-the-last-century Chicago? A flip book of 51 city panoramas, catalogued by the Library of Congress, came to Curbed's attention this week. They date to the Great Fire and make stops at the White City, Eastland Disaster, and various meet-packing facilities. Yum!

THE LAKEFRONT— A survey conducted on the quality of the Lakefront Trail and user satisfaction gathers a range of data on collisions, surface conditions, congestion hot spots, and more, and organizes it in a series of handy heat maps. The hope is that targeted improvements can expand the trail's capacity as its popularity continues to rise.