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If You Live in Chicago You Need These Rainboots

Photo via Macy's
Photo via Macy's

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Since we can't expect the weather to feel summery in Chicago anytime soon, we're here to divulge a little tip: Rainboots are your friend right now. And, if you're a resident of this lovely city, they'll always be key for your wardrobe.

But this presents a challenge. The brightly colored, heavily-patterned wellies that seemed kitschy and cute in college suddenly feel way too childish. You can't exactly wear them to, say, a job interview, even if there is a torrential downpour outside. And then there's that matter of whether or not you should wear rainboots when there's only a 50% chance of rain and risk looking silly if its sunny all day.

Bottom line? Solid, sleek, minimalist rainboots are the way to go. We've found a pair versatile enough for slightly more formal occasions. The best part? They don't look quite as "rainboot-y" as some other varieties.

At just $49, these Dirty Laundry boots are a great value considering they almost look like leather. The matte finish makes them a little bit sophisticated. We love the sole, which is sturdy and textured to prevent slipping around on slick sidewalks, yet not nearly as chunky as the ones on the rainboots we loved a few years ago.

We know they could actually work against summery dresses, provided you style them the way you would a moto or combat boot. This makes them the perfect shoe for rainy June days. Try wearing them to one of this summer's outdoor fests—girls who try to break out the wedges will have nothing but envy for you.
· Chinese Laundry [Official Site]


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