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Att: Magnificent Mile Shopping Festival Is Around the Corner

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Image via Choose Chicago
Image via Choose Chicago

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It's (almost) the most wonderful time of the year. No, not Christmas. The Magnificent Mile Shopping Festival. We don't need to hear much more than the words "shopping festival" for our interest to be piqued, but if you're interested in more details, here's the rundown.

The festival runs for 12 days (August 22 to September 2) and is comprised of fashion shows, celebrity appearances, culinary celebrations, in-store events and much more. It takes arguably the best stretch of retail locations and turns it into Disney world for the shopping-inclined. You have to pace yourself though: from the fashion shows being thrown by The Shops at North Bridge and Water Tower Place to all the sales and new merchandise in the stores, it can become a bit daunting. Plan accordingly, and check out the full schedule of events on The Magnificent Mile's website.—Christopher Smith
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