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What Can Google Glass Do For Your Next Shopping Trip?

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Image via Slash Gear

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Last week, we took a mini tour of Macy's on State Street with Mike Santoro, one of 8,000 winners of Google' #ifIhadglass contest. Santoro, president of Walker Sands Communications in Chicago, is now the proud owner of a Google Glass.

So what did we learn about this high-tech accessory? For one thing, it's a lot more fashionable than it looks. Santoro said that a lot of Chicagoans have been throwing him strange looks as he walks around with the gadget perched on his nose—essentially, he's got the screen of a smart phone right in front of his face, no hands required.

While Glass is still very new, we've heard a few predictions regarding how it'll influence the shopping experience. Here, five ways it could change your next trip to Target.

1. Search function: Google prices of an item you're interested in buying, either by vocally commanding Google Glass to perform a search or (in the future) by scanning a barcode. You'll be able to find other prices for the item across the web or locate a store that stocks your size this way.

2. Navigation: Find directions to the store you're heading to without having to bury your nose in the screen of your iPhone while squinting at Google maps.

3. Communication: Shoppers can text or call family members without browsing or in the dressing room.

4. Photos and videos: Try on clothes, snap a picture or video of yourself, and send to friends for advice.

5. Shopping apps: This could be a retail and fashion game changer. Elle magazine designed one of the first Google Glass apps; it allows you to make a fashion wish list, shop entire outfits broken down by individual pieces and go straight to the appropriate web site to purchase.
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