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Three Ways to Get Your Style in Gear for Lollapalooza

Free People's Brigette Muller
Free People's Brigette Muller

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If you plan on hitting a few musical festivals this year, your plans probably also include a visit or two to one of Chicago's Free People locations as well. After all, the brand practically epitomizes festival style, which, as we all know, can be done really well or really, really poorly. With Lollapalooza approaching, it's time to brush up on your festival style sense, and we have some tips from one of the experts from FP. Read on for tips from Brigette Muller, a writer for the Philly-based company's BLDG 25 blog and regular festival-goer (she even stopped by Chicago for Pitchfork this summer.)

1.) "Backpacks are life savers. If you're like me, you'll probably be carrying around a camera, some lenses, sunscreen, and a huge bottle of water at the very least. Backpacks are the best because they distribute the weight between both shoulders and keep your hands free so that you can snap photos? or wave your arms around in the air like a wild child as you dance. Just throw a cute two-strapped number on your back and you'll forget it's even there!"

2.) "Keep it flowy. You're going to be outside under the hot sun, running around like crazy for hours upon hours. I like creating outfits with tons of crochet and lightweight fabrics to allow me to catch every breeze possible."

3.) "Don't be afraid to experiment. To me, festivals are kind of a free-for-all in terms of fashion. Mix up textures and dare to wear something that you wouldn't normally wear—everyone else will be doing the same! I'm in love with the shell embellishment on the mini-skirt above. I paired it with not one but two crochet pieces on top for even more added interest. Try something new, have fun with it, and be proud of what you put together!"
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