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The Fall Accessory You Can Start Wearing Now

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Today's pick comes from Racked National associate editor Kenzie Bryant.

Leather Watch, $80 at Cold Picnic

The weather is a fickle frenemy, so the purchase that I'm most excited about for next season won't be another giant, cozy sweater I might not be able to don until December. It's this $80 menswear watch from Brooklyn-based Cold Picnic, which I can conveniently wear now.

I first saw the watch on Of a Kind (one of the images from the online shop is pictured on the right above so you can judge the scale.) The darker version with a brass face has long sold out, thanks to the site's famously small-batched editions. Luckily, the lighter version is available on the Cold Picnic site, and the tone makes for a perfect feminine balance to the menswear shape.
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