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AllSaints: The Best Deals At Fashion Outlets of Chicago Right Now

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Head over on a weeknight, and any employee at the shops at the Fashion Outlets of Chicago will tell you that last weekend was crazy. One might suspect they've been saying that after every weekend since the place opened its doors August 1st. At AllSaints, it's not hard to believe.

At the outlet, devotees of the British brand will recognize tops that were hanging in their Michigan Avenue location a mere month ago. The look is quintessential rock star cool and the outlet stays true to that, carrying some popular and truly beautiful pieces. Fans are no strangers to ogling the brand's embellished tops or dresses, only to find steep prices and sales few and far between. If that sounds familiar, the outlet will change your life.

Signature jersey dresses and go-to sweaters can be as low as $38. Oh and those amazing leathers of theirs? The only thing better than their impeccable tailoring is the slashed pricing and from great jackets to giant envelope clutches, there is much to love. Plus if Jay-Z can rap about getting AllSaints for his angel (ahem, Miss Beyonce), it's definitely something you want to get your hands on. Warning: With the thick leathers, chunky sweaters, on-sale shoes and embellished tops, your bag(s) could weigh as much as you do. You might want to think about hitting this gold mine last the next time you're at the mall.—Christina Honan

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