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The Besties Behind Luxury Garage Sale on Shopping Vintage

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Lindsay Segal and Brielle Buchberg inside Luxury Garage Sale
Lindsay Segal and Brielle Buchberg inside Luxury Garage Sale

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How close are the co-owners of Luxury Garage Sale—one of our favorite Chicago stores? Well, they're childhood friends. They regularly finish each other's sentences. And they freely admit that each has influenced the other's impeccable style.

We caught up with Lindsay Segal and Brielle Buchberg at their Old Town store, where they dished on local shopping, personal style, and their shared love of Chanel.

What are some of the designers you guys really love carrying in the store?

Lindsay Segal: Some of our best sellers are Hermés, Louis Vuttion, Chanel?YSL is a really big seller for us, Valentino. Those are the brands that see the most return, in terms of selling closest to retail. We also have a ton of great costume jewelry, which is unsigned and vintage, that people have come to know us for. You can come in here and you don't have to drop $1,000 on a bag. You can get something for $75.

When you started the business did you expect it to be so high-end? Or did you think it may be more contemporary?

Brielle Buchberg: Our plan was to really curate the store with high-end pieces. High-end design was always our focus, along with vintage.

How would you define vintage?

BB: Vintage is anything older than 20 years.

LS: That's technically vintage.

BB: Yeah, that technically vintage. Anything up to 100 years and then 100 plus years is antique.

What advice would you give someone who is new to vintage, but is interested in going that way and maybe a little bit intimidated?

BB: Lindsay can answer that because she was never really into it.

LS: I was kind of scared of it. I'd definitely say you have to vintage shop in a store rather than online shopping because sizes are all off in vintage. A vintage 10 really actually runs like a two or a four.

BB: And you really want to examine the piece because the fabrics can change over time.

LS: Yeah, just quality. You want to be able to touch it. As far as costume jewelry, you want to make sure the gold plating isn't coming off, but most of the time costume jewelry can be restored and can be found at a really great value.

Do you see any trends that were big years ago but are coming back now?

BB: In general I'd say we see a lot of trends recirculating. Especially now because it's not like we're looking for things from a specific era. We're going to clients and taking things from every decade. Certain pieces are just always in style. Like maxi, for instance—

LS: —from the '70s. And short shift dresses from the '60s, they sell really well.

BB: But then we'll get really loud pieces from the '80s and they're really cool now.

LS: And they're really embellished. Anything with rhinestones sells really well for us, the whole glitter thing.

In terms of personal style, where do you love to shop locally other than than your own store? Do you do most of your shopping here?

LS: Well, we do most of our shopping here. We definitely love Sofia, we love Sarca. I really like antique and resale shops. We're big vintage market people. Broadway Antique Market is cool.

BB: We're just looking for really unique pieces because we see so much come through the doors.

So you're more boutique and vintage shoppers than say, department store shoppers?

BB: Oh, yeah.

LS: Definitely.

Could you describe your style in a few words?

LS: Our styles have meshed.

BB: Yeah, we both basically have the same style. I think I used to be a bit more polished and refined and I've gotten a bit more boho/funky, and Lindsay was probably a little funkier, a little bit more eccentric but has gotten more polished. So we've both meshed into each other.

LS: And our taste in jewelry is identical, which is a problem.

BB: We do differ on some clothing but we always agree on jewelry. We both like big and bold and rhinestoned.

When it comes to building a wardrobe, would you say it's good to have a mix of high and low?

BB: Absolutely.

What pieces would you recommend investing in?

LS: I would definitely invest in coats, in bags.

BB: I would invest in a couple pairs of nice, classic shoes. Like a nude pump or peep toes.

LS: Bags really hold their value. We kind of shop in terms of resale value. We buy things that we could sell in the future. Contemporary clothing doesn't really hold its value.

Are there any designers that you just can't stop wearing?

LS: We're both pretty obsessed with Chanel. Not that we wear it, but?

BB: Accessories. Chanel accessories.

LS: I love Missoni.

BB: Lindsay's definitely into Missoni; it's not my thing. But I think in general what we like and are becoming more into is more designer vintage stuff. We appreciate high-end vintage.

Do you guys have any fashion gripes or trends you just do not like?

LS: We see a lot of it. We see a ton of trends come through here.

BB: Like people will buy the new "It" bag and we'll never be into it because we see so much of it, and that everyone gets rid of it. In general I think we just appreciate people dressing for their body type, not just for a trend.

Do you remember what the first big splurges you made were?

BB: It's all relative. A big splurge 10 years ago was different than a big splurge now.

LS: I think both of us probably bought nice bags.

BB: Mine was nice shoes.

Last one: If you had to get rid of everything in your closet except one item, what would it be?

LS: That we currently own? I would keep my quilted Chanel bag.

BB: Same. They're different but they're both vintage black ones. That's going with us.

LS: They're being buried with us.

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