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Be the Boss of 3.1 Phillip Lim x Target on Sunday

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So, have you heard? Target has produced a line in collaboration with Phillip Lim, and it hits stores on Sunday. There will be bags (Pashli-like bags!) There will be dark floral dresses. There will be pullovers in cute animal prints. And, at stores on Sunday, there will likely be a bit of commotion.

So, before you brave the Limsanity, read up for some tips on best-shopping practices. Then, stretch your hammies and get ready for an aggressive Target trot. You've got this.

1. Strategize.
We didn't post the collection's whole look book for nada. Take a look, decide what you want, and develop a strategy. You may even bring a couple friends to divide and conquer—let one take bags and put another one on scarf duty. Printouts are encouraged.

2. Forget Sleeping in on Sunday.
Area Target stores open at 8 a.m. sharp, and you'll want to be the early bird that catches the bags.

3. Look for Targets That Get Shopped Like Grocery Stores.
We got on the horn with 20 local Target stores today, and this is the best piece of advice we got: "Your best bet is to shop a Target with groceries," said one staffer. "People forget that they have clothes, too, so there won't be as much competition."

4. Call Ahead.
We're going to clue you in below on 15 local stores that told us they will have the line on Sunday. But listen: we'd never be able to forgive ourselves if you wake up at at 6:30 a.m. to get to a Target that (womp womp) didn't get the line. Some store reps were super clued-in; others, not as much. (See: "Phillip GLIM? Yeah, I think we get that. In a week or so.") So, please call ahead before attempting this shopping mission. A list of all the Target stores in Chicagoland, with phone numbers, is here.

5. Be Prepared for Buying Limitations.
Staffers we spoke to this morning didn't know what the rules were for shopping the collection, but said there may be some on Sunday—especially if there's madness. So, if you're planning to scoop up every handbag in sight and make a killing on eBay on Monday... well, don't quit your day job.

6. It's OK to Have Hope.
Though it will be impossible to predict how many people will crowd into stores on Sunday, the general consensus among Target staffers was that this launch won't be Missoni-pocalypse Part Deux. "We have never seen anything like the crowds Missoni attracted," one sales rep reassured us. "Frankly, the Neiman Marcus collection stayed in our store for weeks; and we had a crowd of like ten people at its launch."

7. Here Are 15 Local Targets That Will Have the Line on Sunday, at 8 a.m. (But, See Tip #3.)

Target Bedford Park Now With Fresh Grocery, 7100 S. Cicero Ave.
Target Morgan Park Now With Fresh Grocery, 6525 W. Diversey Ave.
Target McKinley Park Now With Fresh Grocery, 1940 W. 33rd St.
Target Mid North Now With Fresh Grocery, 2939 W. Addison St.
Target Near North Now With Fresh Grocery, 2656 N. Elston Ave.
Target Peterson Ave. Now With Fresh Grocery, 2112 W. Peterson Ave.
Target South Loop Now With Fresh Grocery, 1154 S. Clark St.
Target State Street, 1 S. State St.
Target West Loop Now With Fresh Grocery, 1101 W. Jackson Blvd.
Target Wilson Yard Now With Fresh Grocery, 4466 N. Broadway St.
Target Evanston Now With Fresh Grocery, 2209 Howard St.
Target Hoffman Estates Now With Fresh Grocery, 2800 N. Sutton Rd.
Naperville SuperTarget, 1951 West Jefferson Ave.
Target Rosemont Now With Fresh Grocery, 7000 Manheim Rd.
Warrenville SuperTarget, 28201 Diehl Rd.
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