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Chicago's Homegrown Perfume is in Bloom

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Photo: Courtesy of Tru Fragrance
Photo: Courtesy of Tru Fragrance

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It's harvest time, which means that pumpkins, squash, and perfume are in season. (Yep, perfume.) Tru Fragrance, the local boutique fragrance development company, is about to release its second crop of homegrown perfume. And this came after a lot of weeding, watering, and waiting for the sun.

In June, the company planted 27 urban gardens with all kinds of sweet-smelling stuff (think roses, lavender, and rose geraniums.) Tended to by farmers and volunteers, the flowers were then harvested, distilled, and bottled, and Tru Blooms Second Harvest Eau de Parfum will hit stores in November. (It would make a nice, hometown pride-y holiday gift, right?)

Two sizes, a 50 ml and a 15 ml, will be available, and prices range from $20 to $42. Want an early floral fix? You can pre-order the fragrance online starting October 14.
· Tru Blooms [Official Site]