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Work Out With Madonna Next Weekend

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Photo: Courtesy of Exhale
Photo: Courtesy of Exhale

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John Nelson has been teaching Core Fusion at Exhale for six years, and is beloved for a certain level of—shall we say—intensity. He's upbeat. He loves mountain climbers. Sometimes, he sings into his headset. He's friendly, motivating, and a whole lot of fun. Now picture John on Madonna.

On September 27 and 29, John will lead the bound-to-be-awesome '80s Madonnarama: Burning Up Core Fusion Cardio Intensive. The hourlong sweat fest is open to members for $20 and nonmembers for $25, and—in case you missed it—there will be Madonna music blasting the. whole. time.

The class is open to all levels, and the room will be heated (but never to higher than 95 degrees.) We can't think of a more upbeat way to make your muscles beg for mercy. Sign up online or call 312.753.6500.
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