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Winter Skincare Tips; Get Your Fur Pellets!

 Rendering: Courtesy of Haberdash
Rendering: Courtesy of Haberdash

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HABERDASH SCOOP— We just got word that the new Haberdash store in the South Loop will open soon. Very soon. (Owners are projecting next week.) The men's store will have a coffee shop and a barber lounge. [Racked Inbox]

WEIRDEST SALE OF THE WEEK—The Rebuilding Exchange's Collectors Bazaar takes place on Friday. It will feature everything from animal pelts and old bikes to antique lighting. Oh, and jewelry. [Chicago Magazine]

COLD-WEATHER SKINCARE—Oh, your face is flaky, too? Refinery29 has the lowdown on 10 must-have skincare products for fall, as recommended by Chicago beauty pros. [Refinery29]


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