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The Pompadour is Back, Says Hair Expert Colette Green

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 Photo: Courtesy of Colette Salon & Spa
Photo: Courtesy of Colette Salon & Spa

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What's the word in special-occaision up-dos this fall? (You were just wondering, right?) Well, it's "pompadour." That's right. Colette Green, owner of the Gold Coast's Colette Salon & Spa, has been styling hair for more than 25 years, sees some 300 clients a week, and just got back from New York Fashion Week. Long story short: she knows her hair trends.

This season, Green has been getting clients all gussied-up for the barrage of fall galas and parties. "I'm doing a lot of loose chignons as opposed to the sleek, finished ponytail," she says. "For those with an edgier attitude, [I recommend] a half-up, half-down pompadour-inspired look. It was huge on the fall runways and produces a fabulous, glam-rock look. It's by far my favorite." The styling service runs from $75 to $85 (Colette is a master stylist, after all), and is on the salon's menu this very minute. Pretty rock-'n-roll Cinderella, right?
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Colette Salon & Spa

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