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Introducing Viva la Juicy Noir Fragrance

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Nighttime is the best time to be daring and take some risks—clothes are edgier, makeup is bolder, heels are a bit higher. And now, the perfect scent to finish your nighttime look has arrived. Behold: Viva la Juicy Noir, the newly launched fragrance from Juicy Couture.

Consider it the daring sister of the original Viva la Juicy fragrance. Inspired by a night on the town, Viva la Juicy Noir is a bold, sensual and arresting interpretation of the classic scent. With a succulent blend of ripe berry notes, sultry amber and bright gourmand accents, it evokes the feeling of limitless possibilities that nighttime can bring.

Show off a little and get noticed with Viva la Juicy Noir. >>