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What is So Hot Right Now in Chicago?

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All right, Chicago, we need you to channel Mugatu for a minute. If you had to tell us which of these things is "so hot right now," which would it be?

Our nominees fall into the categories of beauty, fashion, retail, health, and fitness, and they're places that are working locals up into a tizzy. Chuan Spa, just-opened at the Lanhgam Hotel, offers treatments based on Chinese medicine—in ridiculously plush digs. When Madewell opened in Chicago, you heaved a collective sigh of "at last," and you're lovin' it still. FlyWheel Fitness has made a tight-knit family out of its adoring devotees, and this clan even has a hash tag (that'd be #FlyFam.) Space 519 got a nod not only for being gorgeously curated—and beautifully laid out—but for the always-hot events that bring in the fashion crowd again and again (Melissa + Karl Largefeld pop-up shop, anyone?) And, lastly...what are we forgetting... what could it be? Oh, yes. That's right: The Fashion Outlets of Chicago are emphatically on this list. Now, to the poll! Voting will be open for 24 hours.

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