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The Perfect Transitional Jacket

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Introducing Weather Vain, a new feature about how to keep Chicago's climate from keeping you down.

Luke Perforated Cropped Jacket, $248 at BCBG

Despite the fact that we just bid farewell to the unofficial summer season, even though the sartorial powers that be tell us we can't wear white after Labor Day, we just aren't ready to say goodbye to summer. Unfortunately, Mother Nature isn't on the same page: Today has us at a high of 73, which is lovely and all...but we still kind of wish it warm enough for one last beach day.

Unfortunately, we've got to match our wardrobes to the whims of the weather or else we'll be wearing an unnattractive coat of goosebumps when it hits today's low of 59 degrees. This psuedo-leather number from BCBG is great because it's light (in more ways than one) enough for the summer/fall transtion, lightweight enough for moderate temps and light in color to keep it from feeling too depressingly winter-y. We love the perforated details, which keep this looking fresh and modern enough for early September. The price point is equally attractive: It isn't real leather, but it's a trendier, more seasonal take on a classic, so it works. Pair it with distressed jeans and a black tank and you're all set for whatever the evening throws your way.
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