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Fitness Tips From a Professional Foodie: Elaina Vazquez of Boutique Bites

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 Photo: Courtesy of Elaina Vazquez
Photo: Courtesy of Elaina Vazquez

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As part of our Fitness Week coverage, we're chatting with people who stay slim and trim despite potentially fattening jobs. Next up: Elaina Vazquez, owner of Boutique Bites Fine Catering. Vazquez whips up creative dishes for high-end events nearly every night of the week—but certainly doesn't look like she swigs champagne or eats braised beef short ribs 24/7. Read on to get her tips on keeping it all in check.

What are some temptations you run into on a daily basis?
Surprisingly, being around food constantly doesn't always result in getting to eat it. I'm always on the go, but I do make it a priority to taste all of my food before it's served at events. I love champagne but it's not always easy to enjoy the events as a guest that I'm catering. If anything, I'm trying to make it a priority to indulge more this year!

Do you have a system you use to keep everything balanced
Not really. The funny thing about tasting food during prep and a party is that it can fill you up so quickly. I'm usually around the food all day, so it's not so tempting to me. I just eat when I can because I know that some days I won't have much time to eat at all.

What healthy foods are you addicted to?
Lately I'm addicted to Greek salad from the Mariano's salad bar. I add chickpeas, artichokes, and eggs. I'm not sure how healthy it ends up being, but that's probably the healthiest thing I eat. I also love smoothies and infused juices. At Boutique Bites we juice every fruit possible and freeze them so we always have them when we need. My favorites are Cantaloupe-Thyme and Watermelon-Basil.

What kinds of exercises do you like to do?
I wish I was an exercise type of person. I truly attribute my physique to constant running around due to my catering business. I'm pretty involved in every aspect, so I'm packing, loading, unloading, setting up, et cetera. Anything and everything that needs to get done I have my hands in. This is my biggest form of exercise. Occasionally I'll bust out my yoga mat at home and do a few sit-ups.

What advice would you give to folks who want to indulge from time to time, but keep everything balanced?
For me, taking a break between eating really helps me to slow down and feel full. My motto is: if something is good, eat it. And worry about it the next day.

What is one you would never cut from your lifestyle or diet?
Pasta! And Potatoes! Basically any carb. My nickname in culinary school was Elaina Mashed Potato. I'm obsessed with good mashed potatoes. And fresh made pasta is the best thing on earth. I'm getting hungry just thinking about it.
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