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Trainer Profile: Annette Fiscelli and Emily Hutchins of On Your Mark

 Photo: Courtesy of On Your Mark
Photo: Courtesy of On Your Mark

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Confession: We've worked out with an On Your Mark trainer, and loved it. These people are the. real. deal. Some gyms are slick and sales-y, but On Your Mark feels completely void of any gimmicks. The co-owners are Emily Hutchins and Annette Fiscelli, Nike-certified trainers who are kind of like body-mechanics whisperers. If your lunge, crunch, or whatever-move is off, they work with you to fix it—and cheer when you get it right. Read on to learn about training at On Your Mark, with scoop from Hutchins and Fiscelli themselves, and see if this may be your gym match.

First, what type of person is a good candidate for having a personal trainer, versus just doing classes or machines independently?
Anyone is a good candidate for having a trainer. Whether the goal is to become more functional, stronger, lose weight the proper way, or someone is injury prone and wants to be educated on how their body is meant to move and function and wants to stay healthy. All of these are great reasons for working with a trainer who is qualified.

What about the On Your Mark is different from what other gyms have to offer?
On Your Mark trainers have several years of experience and education, and take a lot of pride in the success of their clients. Our trainers listen to the client and their needs, as well as their goals. Our trainer's first goal is to emphasize proper mechanics, finding weaknesses that become strengths, and building a plan to support the client's overall health and mechanics. At the same time, we assess their goals and assist the client to be successful in reaching that goal.

What's the initial assessment like for a new client?
Every client is taken through a proper movement screen to assess overall mechanics and fitness levels. Endurance is assessed as well, through threshold testing—if deemed necessary—or various strength tests. Based on the overall assessment, the trainer can build a proper workout to support the client's needs.

How many times a week do clients typically meet with trainers, and what kind of homework would a client have on off days?
On Your Mark clients generally train anywhere from one to three days a week, or what their schedules allow. On the off days, they are prescribed homework, whether it's workouts on their own or On Your Mark classes, which are small group and taught by the trainers.

What's a typical training session like?
A typical session is an hour long. Each session begins with a dynamic warm up followed by the prescribed workout for the day, and ends with a dynamic cool down. Each workout is different, again depending on the needs and goals of the clients.

What kind of nutritional tips and support do you offer?
We have trainers on staff who have done extensive research with nutrition, and have an educational background in nutrition science. Therefore any clients who are seeking nutritional support can work individually with the trainers, who offer nutritional guidance.

What would you say to someone who's a workout beginner and is nervous about trying a new regimen? Or to someone who thinks they don't have the time?
Everyone has time, you have to make it happen if you want to change your life. There's no reason to be nervous, an On Your Marl trainer is not going to make you miserable and not want to come back. Our goal is to support you, get you to your goal and give you a positive experience in working with a trainer.

And finally, how does someone get started at with an On Your Mark trainer?
On Your Mark is by appointment only. You can email, or call 312.733.9330 to set up an appointment. Rates range from $110 to 125 an hour, and drop-in pricing depending on the package type.
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