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Can Spa Visits Be Part of Your Fitness Routine? You Betcha.

 Photo: Courtesy of Equinox
Photo: Courtesy of Equinox

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If you're still shopping for your gym match—and you're anything like us—you may want to consider signing up for one that has a spa. One such gym is Equinox, which offers massages, facials, and other types of treatments in addition to heart-pumping classes (which we covered earlier.) The good news? Regular spa visits can eenhance your overall wellness and fitness routine (really!) We chatted with Equinox regional spa manager Alli Galecki to help her substantiate a claim we've long stood by: spa visits are more than just fluff.

Some people think that spa trips are kind of frivolous. How would you argue that visiting a spa every now and again is an important part of overall wellness?
Massage is a necessity for those with an active lifestyle. Recovery is essential for gaining new muscle mass and achieving desired results. Working with a therapist to target those muscle groups will bring relief and increased mobility to take your workouts to the next level. Also: Facial treatments are a must for clear, healthy skin. A monthly facial treatment and customized at home regime will ensure your delicate skin is safe from free-radical damage, and it will fight the effects of aging.

Which Equinox treatment would you recommend to kick off the New Year? This can be a splurge!
I absolutely love the Diamond Facial ($225) at [Equinox at] 900 North Michigan. It's great for all skin types and will illuminate, tighten, and revive the skin. It's also a burst of hydration that will assist in healing dry winter skin.

What's a more budget-friendly treatment that will kick the New Year off right?
Our massages and facials are available in 25-minute, $70 increments for those who need a quick pick-me-up. We also offer a fantastic Body Bronze for $55 at the Lincoln Park location, for those in need of a gorgeous glow.

What kind of regimen would you recommend in spa visits throughout the year?
Facials are recommended on a monthly basis for maintenance, although you may undergo more frequent sessions if addressing problematic skin. Massage frequency may be dependent on any preexisting conditions or injuries. Many of our clients choose to come in twice a month for maintenance.

What's unique about Equinox spas, that you won't find elsewhere?
What sets our spas apart is understanding our client's needs from every angle. We utilize our fellow departments to ensure we educate our clients on a healthy lifestyle that includes proper diet, exercise, and recovery.

Which treatments would you recommend for someone who's just had a hard workout at the gym?
The best treatment post workout is our 90-minute Equissage. This is an extended massage session that includes a full postural and assessment of a client's needs. The therapist will then tailor the session to meet the individual goals and concerns of the client. A must for a first massage!

Finally, which spa products would you most recommend for getting through the Chicago winter?
I absolutely love Skinceuticals. My favorite products include the C E Ferulic— a potent, anti-oxidant serum that will increase your skin's protection against free-radical damage—and the Renew Overnight Cream, a luxurious night cream that promotes cell turnover.
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