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It Wasn't All Bad: Golden Globes "Best Dressed" Picks From Stylist Dillon Jay

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 Photo: via Getty Images
Photo: via Getty Images

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Earlier today, Chicago-based stylist Dillon Jay regaled us with his "worst dressed" picks from last night's Golden Globes red carpet. But, there's a bright side, and it's populated with stars like Leonardo DiCaprio and Amy Poehler. Read on to hear what worked, according to Jay, at last night's splashy black-tie ceremony.

· Lupita Nyong'o: The best dressed. When they talk about how old Hollywood movie stars used to dress, this is it. A bold move of color in a minimal silhouette—it was amazing to see. Ralph Lauren really understood her body and made a dress that was finally interesting! Sometimes the simplest of design is the most bold and interesting.

· Rashida Jones: I lived for this entire look from Fausto Puglisi! The whimsical palm trees, the white against her skin color, and her hair and makeup was beautiful. Fun, playful, and not expected.

· Amy Poehler: In her red carpet Stella McCartney she looked smoking, like a true star. The fit was spot on and it wasn't something we were used to seeing her in.

· Cate Blanchett: Perfection in Armani, one of the best dressed. Simple, elegant, and accessorized cohesively. She looked like a true movie star.

· Kate Beckinsale: Again, she looked like a movie star. The dress had just the right amount of bling. Simple accessories with a strong dress made her stand out, and her hair and makeup were clean and on point.

· Margot Robbie: Had just the right amount of sex appeal and class. The studding and colors were subtle and let her body do the statement.

· Mila Kunis: Looked amazing in a Gucci silver gown. These kinds of dresses are my favorite: sexy, bold, but still lets the actress shine through.

· Bradley Cooper: Tom Ford should just be the award show staple. Tom Ford's pieces always look classic, fit perfectly, and ooze sex appeal. Bradley owned the red carpets in this look. Simple, clean, and classic!

· Leonardo DiCaprio: Leo looked amazing in an Armani suit. It was classic and simple, and who cares! We just love to look at him anyway!

· Jared Leto: I loved his look. The long hair, the casual tux, it was all working for him. effortless and awesome!

The takeaway (sorry it's not pricey swag): "The best thing with award shows is always simplicity," Jay says. "So many people want to have a 'fashion moment' that they get overworked with too many ideas. When you want to stand out remember it's you who makes the garment work. Simple silhouettes when paired with interesting color are enough to make your personality pop."
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