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Get Naked at the Next Randolph Street Market

 Photo: Courtesy of Randolph Street Market
Photo: Courtesy of Randolph Street Market

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The Randolph Street Market will host a Valentine's-Day-themed shopping event on January 25 and 26. This year's Winter Market will be overflowing with boxed chocolates and sweet vintage trinkets, but it's the Nude Sketch Salon that has our attention. (Can you blame us?)

Housed in a private, curtain-wrapped booth, Katya's Salon de Erotique will let guests pose semi-nude, quasi-nude—that's wearing a swimsuit or underwear—or full-shebang nude. If you think being sketched in a swimsuit sounds kind of lame, you're not alone: a rep for the market tells us that 90 percent of patrons bare the full Monty.

But don't worry, it goes by fast: the onsite artist will sketch up a portrait in 20 minutes. And the cost is only $35.
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Randolph Street Market

1340 West Washington Street, Chicago, IL