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SAG Hits: "She Was Pretty Badass—No Judgements Here"

 Photo: WireImage
Photo: WireImage

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Cheer up, SAG-lovers. Though we can't deny that Mayiam Bialik happened, there were plenty of beautifully dressed starlets (and one Jared Leto) on Saturday night's red carpet. Here, Racked Chicago's very own celebrity-style expert Dillon Jay tells us who got it right:

· Jennifer Lawrence— Studio 54, '70's, and disco is going to be making a huge comeback in both music and culture. Grab your vintage Halston and head out for dancing! The best example of this trend was Jennifer Lawrence in Dior. Her hair and makeup finally fit the style of the dress and I loved the use of color and proportion to her body. She is so young and fun; Dior hit a home run!

· Sandra Bullock— Another trend that continued this season at the SAG awards were jewel tones. From purples to blues and greens, everyone seemed to be rocking the jewel tone this time around. The best-dressed example of this trend was Sandra Bullock. I loved this Lanvin dress on her! The color is just exquisite, it's a good example of an "expensive color". The silhouette is strong, structured, and playful—everything we love about Sandra herself. A perfect match for her.

· Lupita Nyong'o— Again we have a perfect match with her and the dress. Her skin looked flawless, and the hair/makeup was beautiful! The embellishment on top was contrasted by the simple lines of the dress and made her radiate. The color felt fresh and she really stood out against all the other women. Bravo!

· Bradley Cooper—Everyone loves Gucci, and he looked fantastic in this suit! The tailoring was perfection and fit him like a glove. The suit was classic yet modern and the grooming was spot on. It's always cute to leave a little scruff, right ladies?

· Elizabeth Moss— This Michael Kors red dress was just so simple and cool. I really appreciated the structured, Grecian-style top of the dress and the perfect flow at the bottom. The black belt at the waist is a perfect touch to even out the shape, and I loved the gold accessories. Fun and fresh!

· Jared Leto— This guy just radiates cool! I love his nontraditional choices, it always makes him stand out. His hair was the perfect balance of messy and cool, and his navy pocket square was a nice touch.

· Rita Moreno— She was pretty badass, no judgments here.

· Kathy Griffin— I really loved her whole look. She looked so cute in this blue dress and the shape just fit her body so well. The accessories were clean and made sense, and everything had a nice flow. Kudos Kathy, you are now on the A-list!

· Gretchen Mol—I really liked this dress. It was so interesting and contemporary. So many times we see actresses trying to wear the Angelina slit-style dresses and this felt more effortless.

· Camilla Alves— I lived for this color on her! The right shade of yellow combined with the fabric was sensational on her. She looked sexy yet sophisticated, and it drew your attention right to her.

· Sofia Vergara—I really liked this silver dress on her. It was sexy, classic, and fit well with her personality. I was just happy to not see her in another mermaid gown.
· Dillon Jay [Official Site]
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