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SAG Misses: "She Looked Like She Had Just Escaped the Haunted Mansion Ride"

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 Photo: WireImage
Photo: WireImage

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He's back! Chicago-based stylist Dillon Jay provided us with so much red-carpet insight and entertainment for the Golden Globes, we asked him to return for the Screen Actors Guild Awards. In true form, Jay didn't hold back on his picks for the rep carpet's most delightfully garish missteps. Here's what we had to say:

· Mariah Carey— I don't know what in the world that outfit is supposed to be. I really want her to stop dressing like she just got out of a tween store. Every time I see her, I feel like she is wearing something not age- appropriate. The dress is boring, doesn't fit, the gloves are weird as all get out; the entire look was a nightmare. I would put her in a longer, more elegant dress in a color that would make her pop.

· Emma Thompson— I still don't get it. Doesn't it remind you of those old grandma gem sweaters from the 80's? The applique was odd, the shape was odd, the sandals were—well, you get the picture. Weird.

· Amanda Peet— There were a million different things going on with that dress, none of which were edited. When she stepped on that red carpet, the dress was really wearing her. For me, the biggest problem was with those sleeves, they were super distracting! She needs to go with something more simple next time.

· Kerry Washington—Yeah, what can be said about this? I cringed when I saw her wearing that outfit. The crop top was just not a flattering fit, and the proportion of the skirt just made her look too short. I would have had her try some new shapes, like sleek black tuxedo pants with a chic crème jacket, hair slicked back, and maybe a cool structured silk top underneath. She should have given Gucci a call.

· Mayim Bialik—She looked like she just escaped the Haunted Mansion ride, and boy was I scared! Nothing about the bottom of that dress was flattering and the lace mixed in was just too messy.

· Anna Gunn— Sorry, but the dress was just so boring and blah I forgot about it ten minutes ago. Also, that cheesy bag with the Breaking Bad logo glued on? Not feeling it. Hot glue gun projects are best left for home.

· Meryl Streep— I can't be a hater on Meryl because she is totally awesome. But, I get that you are bohemian and cool, but can we please do bohemian that's chic? The dress silhouette just didn't work for me, I would have liked something with cleaner lines and warmer tones. She would look amazing in cream silk, with her cool glasses!

· Juliette Lewis— The Vivienne Westwood dress is awesome, don't let anyone tell you otherwise. Vivienne Westwood totally fits this girl. The hair and makeup is where the problem is. I would have liked her is a more traditional Sofia Vergara moment with maybe a subtle color lip.
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