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BabyGate Fashion: Here's How to Dress Your Child For Alinea

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Not filled in on BabyGate? Here's your crash course: after a couple brought a baby into high-end dining establishment Alinea (and crying ensued), chef Grant Achatz sent out a tweet that ignited a controversy about whether wee ones should be allowed in fancy-pants restaurants.

The debate rages on, but may we propose: a child dressed in wee, splendid finery may have better chances at being welcomed into a hot spot's inner circle. (Look, if we had a cure for crying or tantrums, we'd offer that instead. But we're a fashion site, people.)

So, consider this: Luxaby Baby & Child is hosting a sale right now with 40 percent off goods for babies and children. And these are some swanky little duds (we're talking fur caplets, pink-velvet dresses, and more.) Below, take a peek at what's on offer. Couldn't you just see a tot eating molecular-gastronomy peas and carrots in these?

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