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Are Bus Shops the New Food Trucks?

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via The Chicago Reader
via The Chicago Reader

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We brake for vintage clothing, so were tickled pink (or, pale green) by The Chicago Reader's profile of the Bus Shop. Founded by two Minnesota natives with a penchant for thrift shopping, the boutique was inspired by the Bang Bang Pie's cute food truck.

Without enough, er, dough to lease a storefront space, the friends got a peddler's license and plunked down three grand on a former party bus (don't worry—it got a deep cleanse.) At 24-feet, the rolling shop now holds tiny tables filled with vintage jewelry; merchandise also dangles from exterior racks. The goods are mostly from the '80s and '90s—though the owners are charmed by 1950s-era cocktail dresses, they wanted to offer items that are more wearable in the workaday world.

The bus doesn't keep regular hours, but if you troll around Logan Square on a Saturday there's a good chance you could run into it. Or, stop by Hairitics Dye for Your Beliefs on February 15—you can catch the bus there.
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