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Coffee Talk With Jenna Zielbauer of Shop Von Z

 Photo: <a href="">via</a> Von Z is the New Black
Photo: via Von Z is the New Black

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Jenna Zielbauer owns Von Z, the women's boutique in Bucktown that nabbed our 2013 award for Best New Boutique. In addition to stocking her shop with killer duds and accessories, Zielbauer fills her blog, Von Z is the New Black, with inspirational fashion photos and fun Q&As. In her "Coffee Talk Tuesday" series, Zielabuer gives fashionable folks a fun questionnaire.

We decided to turn the tables on Zielbauer and present her with her very own coffee talk questionnaire. Below, hear what she'd name her biography, which celebrities she'd choose and parents, and what her biggest fear is.

Name: Jenna Zielbauer

Occupation: Owner at von Z / Designer at Cotton Candy Couture

We're out for coffee and we're buying. What's your order: M-F grande iced coffee, black; Sa-Su one pump vanilla latte with skim milk, any size is accepted.

Biggest Fear: Cubicles

Currently in your bag: iPhone charger, store and house keys, Louis Vuitton wallet and makeup bag, UPS receipts, dog poop bags, Cotton Candy Couture line sheets, Aquaphor, Pro Bars (snacks are always a must) and a couple pairs of earrings.

If someone wrote a biography about you, what do you think the title should be?
Lofty Heels, Lofty Goals.

Most Unique Quality: The ability to understand the facial expressions and body language of my Frenchie, Rambo.

What is on your bookshelf? Shoes. Literally.

What gets you through the cold weather season: Layers, slippers, the corner spot on my couch, cozy blankets, winter cocktails, and a lot of Aquaphor!

Pick two celebrities to be your parents. Who would they be and why:
Vince Vaughn and Tina Fey. Does this really need an explanation?

What item in your closet gets the most wear?
As of late, my Louis Vuitton shawl. Thanks Chicago weather!

What would you tell your younger self? Lay off the pizza and booze, it will go straight to your thighs.

If you could pick anyone in the world to take a shot (or 3) of tequila with, who would it be: The Nolan Ross character from Revenge. I would ask him why he doubles up on the polos all the time.

Best advice you've ever been given, go! The harder you work, the luckier you get.

Greatest accomplishment:
Ever been to Panera? Can I pick two?
1) Marrying my supportive, caring and heavy-metal-loving husband, Patrick.
2) Giving up a 9-5 to chase my dreams.

Last book you read: Does flipping through my Lanvin coffee table book count?

What fashion means to you:
Like Kate Spade said "playing dress up begins at the age of five and never truly ends."

What's your current favorite von Z item? A navy faux fur jacket by Kling, a brand out of Spain whose motto is "a mix of sweet and street for girls who just want to have fun." A perfect match for von Z's customers.
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