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What is Up With Equinox's New Ads?

 Photo: Courtesy of Equinox
Photo: Courtesy of Equinox

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If your New Year's resolutions had anything to do with living a little more audaciously, we may have found your gym soul mate. Equinox—which has four Chicago-area locations— just unveiled its 2014 ad campaign, and the images are meant to provoke a visceral reaction. So if you see a billboard of a buck-naked man submerging himself into a pool of ice, or a guy with an inexplicable black eye, you'll know which gym it's advertising. (The sassy tagline? "Equinox made me do it.")

"We looked to our members as the core inspiration for this campaign," said Carlos Becil, senior vice president of marketing, in a press release. "This campaign embodies that disruptive spirit and speaks to our core audience." Disruptive! Sounds like a new spin on your average yoga session, right?

We'll have more news on Equinox's latest classes—and, come to think of it, news from all kinds of local gyms—next week. Enjoy the last of those Christmas cookies, because next week is all about Le Fitness. Consider this your official teaser.
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