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Trainer Alex Vasileski "Caters to the Overworked"

 Photo: Courtesy of Alex Vasileski
Photo: Courtesy of Alex Vasileski

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Shopping for a trainer or a new gym membership? Think of us as your personal fitness matchmakers. Throughout the week, we'll be profiling local pros who are in the business of fitness, covering their personal approaches to shaping up or shipping out.

First up: Meet trainer Alex Vasileski of A Mind and Body Total Fitness. A certified nutritionist and psychologist, Vasileski trains clients at their homes, at a gym, or even via video chat. (He had us at "I cater to the overworked.") Is Vasileski the man to put your muscles to test? Find out below.

What type of person is a good candidate for having a personal trainer, versus just doing classes or machines independently?
Well, everyone is a good candidate for personal training as we all have specific needs that a class can't cover. Classes should always be used as a supplement to your fitness program.

How is your approach to personal training a bit different from what other gyms or trainers have to offer?
I believe that everyone is unique and deserves quality and equality. Furthermore, I see personal training as personal. This means that you need to get to know the individual's needs and wants ,as well as their lifestyle. This is the part that makes all the difference. If the program doesn't fit a client's lifestyle or needs, then it isn't sustainable. I believe in educating the individual about what they are doing and supporting them throughout their entire journey. Finally, because of the care I take with every person and program, I guarantee the results within the first 30 days!

When someone signs up to train with you, what kind of assessment do they get to help hammer out goals?
Each client receives a packet to fill out with self-report questionnaires that I personally developed, which cover lifestyle, health history, injury history, fitness history and goals. Additionally, I conduct a personal interview to ask collateral information and to get to know clients on a personal level, and allow them to get to know me. They need to feel comfortable and safe with their decision to work with me. The client also goes through a full physical assessment which includes balance, posture, circumference measurements, body fat percentage, weight, height, agility and core strength assessments. The aforementioned allows for accountability on both parties: trainer and client.

How many times a week do clients typically meet with you, and what kind of "homework" would a client have on off days?
Typically, clients see me two or three times per week. The client gets homework that consists of exercise routines that fit their personal abilities. An example of this could be cardio or full-body, high-intensity interval training. This involves every muscle group and uses small-apparatus equipment that yields high caloric burn, and promotes the building of lean muscle mass.

What's a typical training session like?
A typical training session starts out with a great warm up that includes using the body as the apparatus and functional movements, not a treadmill. Once the client is warmed up we begin the session, based on their customized program. This lasts for about 50 minutes. Finally, we end the session with a thoughtful approach to stretching and relaxation.

What kind of nutritional tips and support do you offer?
I offer a full range of assistance with nutrition in order to support the individual's change process through a holistic methodology.

What would you say to someone who's a workout beginner and is nervous about trying a new regimen?
We all have to start somewhere. Even I had to begin at step one, but I made the decision to make that change. If you do what you always have done, then you will get what you have always gotten! We never want to be sitting there and one day tell ourselves: "I should have started a program two months ago."

What would you say to someone who says she doesn't have time to work out?
For someone who believes they don't have time, just talk to any of my clients! I create programs that are specific to your lifestyle needs, and work around the crazy schedules that lead to low energy. I cater to the overworked!

And finally, how does someone get started with you as a trainer? Where do they sign up, and what are your rates?
If someone wants to work with me they can reach out to me through social media, email, or phone. [Ed's Note: Alex's email address is] We then begin the process immediately and go through the A Mind and Body Total Fitness processes to ensure the customization of their program, Rates very by client's needs, but now through the end of January everyone will receive the friends and family discount.
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