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Studio Profile: Exhale Chicago

 Photo: Courtesy of exhale
Photo: Courtesy of exhale

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'This the season for new gym-membership shopping, so allow us to take some of the legwork out for you (you can do that later. At your new gym.) Throughout the week, we're profiling local fitness studios and trainers in the hopes of helping you find your fitness match—could you be an exhale man or woman? We asked Claire McKeveny, Mind Body Manager, to give us the lay of the eucalyptus-scented land.

A lot of our readers are gym shopping now, so first: How do you know when a gym is right for you?
exhale is perfect for those looking to find a new place to work out. We are a one-stop-shop for all of our clients' well-being needs. We offer fitness classes, a spa, and nutrition counseling.

What does exhale offer that's totally unique in Chicago
exhale offers a transformational mind body experience. Our signature Core Fusion class focuses on core strength, and is the ultimate full body workout. You will also have trained teachers who work with guests directly to help them reach their goals quickly. Our yoga program has some of the top yoga teachers in Chicago! Yoga and core fusion work together to create a strong, healthy body.

How would you suggest using the spa, if a member's goal is overall wellness
Massage is a great compliment to fitness! Our sports massage is great to restore fatigued muscles.

What kinds of regimen would you recommend to make the best use of exhale's classes?
We recommend taking a variety of Core Fusion and yoga classes throughout the week to change up your workout. We offer five different types of Core Fusion including barre, boot camp, yoga, sport, and cardio. We also offer three different yoga types: chill, flow and power.

Are you offering any special deals right now?
New guests can try our Month of Transformation for $99 which includes unlimited Mind Body classes (Core Fusion and Yoga), a $25 gift towards a select spa therapy, plus 20% off any additional spa therapies, 10% off private training sessions, 10% off wellbeing boutique purchases, and full use of our amenities.

And, how do people get started at exhale?
To get started, simply stop by exhale Chicago or contact Claire McKeveny, Mind Body Manager, to begin your membership. [Ed's note: Contact at: or 312-753-6500.]
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