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Studio Profile: Shred415

 Photo: Courtesy of Shred415
Photo: Courtesy of Shred415

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As we continue to play gym matchmaker this week, we'd like to introduce you to Shred415. Founders Bonnie Micheli and Tracy Roemer (pictured) devises a system of four, fifteen-minute intervals that alternate between walking or running and strength training (get it? 4, 15?) With studios in Old Town, Lincoln Park, and the North Shore, the gym is a particularly good fit for the time-starved among us—and for parents. Read on to learn more about the benefits of becoming a "Shredder," with all our probing questions answered by the studio's owners.

A lot of our readers are gym shopping now, so first: How do you know when a gym is right for you?
Convenience is key. If it is not convenient, it is harder to motivate to go. You want to feel comfortable with the members. The age and the mood of the community needs to motivate you, as well as the ambiance. If you like a lot of light you will want a studio that has windows. Try to tour the gym at the time you want to workout to make sure all the above meets what you're looking for. Make sure the staff is professional and has good customer service—it will go a long way as a member. Make sure the facility has everything you need, too. For example, if you need showers, make sure they have a shower you are comfortable with, or that could become an excuse not to go!

What does Shred415 offer that no other Chicago gyms can give?
We offer cardio and strength training in one 60 minute workout. A class consists of high Intensity intervals on the best Woodway treadmills, which are not found too many places in the Chicago. In 60 minutes you will get a complete, total-body workout and don't have to waste your time going to two different places to get your sweat and your strength. It is a quick in and out, you put your personal items in the cubbies in the studio, each studio has convenient bathrooms, and there are no long walks from the car to the studio.

What is a typical workout like at Shred415?
Shred415 is a total body workout based on the idea that high-intensity interval training is the best way to burn fat and calories quickly. By alternating between cardio work on top-quality Woodway treadmills and weight-training, you will increase muscle and burn calories in a fun, fast-paced workout tailored to your level and your goals.
Shred415 is for everyone. You select your weights; you set your pace on the treadmill. Walkers, joggers and hardcore runners are all welcome in class.

What are the benefits regular "Shredders" will see?

Benefits include weight loss, increased strength, and toning. Results do vary but if you come at least three times a week, you will see results in 30 days.

What kinds of exercises would you recommend mixing up with Shred415? Or, is this something people can do for their daily exercise?

Yes, we definitely recommend mixing it up. We believe cross training is very important to keep your body healthy and injury free. Pilates and yoga are great complements to Shred415 and will help to stretch and strengthen your core.

How would you describe the Shred415 community?
We have a very tight, close-knit community. Everyone empowers and inspires each other and we have a lot of fun together. We see new friendships being made among clients as well as their children. Play dates are being scheduled where everyone goes to Shred415 together, and parents take a class together while the kids play in the Kids Room. We see husbands and wives are making dinner plans with friends after taking a class on Saturday morning.

Besides the classes, what are some of the perks of joining Shred415?
Phenomenal physical shape and community are the biggest perks of joining Shred415. Each of the three studios also offer in-studio childcare for a large number of scheduled classes, which is a fantastic help for parents. Shred415 also offers various challenges and programs that help clients reach their fitness goals sooner and even surpass their original goals.

What would you say to workout newbies who are timid to try a gym at all, or a new gym?
Leave your insecurities at the door and realize everyone in the gym is there for the same reason: to feel better and get in shape.

And, how do people get started?
Go to our website and click on the locations to decide which studio works best. Then, click on the class schedule and you can sign up online. We have an introductory 3 class pack for $60 or a new client 30-day, month-long package for $145.
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