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3 Crazy Gym Classes in Chicago

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 Photo: Cheerobix, <a href=";set=pb.212688288742828.-2207520000.1389289421.&amp;type=3&amp;theater">via</a> Facebook
Photo: Cheerobix, via Facebook

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When it comes to a quick turn on the treadmill, the thrill is gone. It may get the job done, but does it let you play with pom poms, slide around with abandon, or act like a surfer? Thought not. If you're looking to shake things up a bit, look no farther than these crazy local classes.

· GLIDEology at Trainology: A trusty tipster told us about Trainology, the brand-new fitness studio in River North that combines high intensity training with a heart-rate tracking system. Its craziest class? GLIDEology (which, incidentally, looks like so. much. fun.) Participants use skating movements to move around on a "glide board." The lateral movements burn fat while lifting and toning the derriere. Sign up here.

· Cheerbobix: Another tipster told us about Cheerobix, a crazy fun workshop that takes place at fitness studios throughout the area. Billed as an "hour-long cheer adventure," the peppy class includes dancing, prancing, and "playing with pom-poms." Intrigued? There's a workshop taking place this Sunday at Bend Yoga and Movement. Sign up here, and—we can't resist— go, team!

· Surfset at Moirai Health and Fitness: What, you thought surfing in January was a no-go? The Surfset Fitness classes at Moirai Health and Fitness offer total-body workouts using, yes, a surf board. Typical classes last 45 minutes, and offer intervals of surfing-inspired movements said to "shock our body systems and create real change." Sign up here.
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