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Washio Laundry Service Isn't Cheap, But It's Definitely Convenient

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Photo: Lani Love for Racked
Photo: Lani Love for Racked

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Laundry service Washio recently launched in Chicago, and because laundry day is always a drag, we jumped at the chance to try it for ourselves.

We used the iPhone app, and the entire experience was seamless. We selected a half hour window for pickup and a half hour window for dropoff. Washio sent a reminder text an hour out and notification text ten minutes before our Washio "ninjas" arrived. We handed over our laundry, and our ninja gave us a fresh cookie.

The next day, as with pickup, Washio sent a reminder text an hour out and a notification text ten minutes before our ninja arrived with our clean clothes. The ninja delivered our clothes, and our account was automatically billed upon delivery.

We used Washio's dry cleaning and wash & fold services and were pleased with both. Our clothes came back clean in reusable bags, which is much nicer than the flimsy plastic dry cleaners typically use. We handed over two dresses and a blazer for dry cleaning and 15 pounds of laundry for wash & fold, and the here's what our bill looked like.

Wash and Fold $24.00 (15 at $1.6 each)
Dresses $22.00 (2 at $11 each)
Jackets $11.00 (1 at $11 each)
Total: $57.00

Washio might be bit too pricey for everyday laundry, but an incredibly fast and easy solution when you're too busy to do it yourself (or it's too cold to go outside). The dry cleaning prices aren't much higher than what you'd find at your corner cleaners, and if you can never seem to make it to your cleaners when they're open, the extra few dollars are well worth the convenience.

Want to try it out? Play with their estimator and use the discount code to save $10 off your order.
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