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The Harris Theater Had a Major Costume Drama (Literally)

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 Photo: Hamburg Ballet Dancers Anna Laudere and Edvin Revazov, Copyright by Holger Badekow
Photo: Hamburg Ballet Dancers Anna Laudere and Edvin Revazov, Copyright by Holger Badekow

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Here's a strange-but-true story that will show you how just how important it is to have a friend you can swap clothes with:

The Harris Theater will present the Hamburg Ballet and John Neumeier's Third Symphony of Gustav Mahler on Wednesday and Thursday. (This is kind of a big deal among dance-philes as those are the only two performances of the Third Symphony that the Hamburg ballet will offer during its North American tour this year.)

A massive storm derailed the freight ship that was carrying the Hamburg Ballet's costumes, and the shipment date to Chicago was pushed back. Luckily, Neumeier—the Hamburg Ballet's artistic director and chief choreographer—is pals with the Paris Opera Ballet Director of Dance, Brigitte Lefèvre.

Lefèvre offered to ship her own company's Third Symphony costumes to Chicago for the Hamburg Ballet dancers to wear, and The Harris Theater hired extra union members to handle custom fittings and tailoring before the performances on February 19 and 20.

So, voila: you have a little conversation-starter if you decide to see the show this week—and a reason to pay extra-close attention to the costumes. Tickets are $40 to $95, and are available here.
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