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Cleanse Culture Offers Juice, Smoothie, and Raw Food Cleanses

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 Photo: Courtesy of Cleanse Culture
Photo: Courtesy of Cleanse Culture

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Chicago's juicier than ever these days, and this week brings a freshly squeezed new delivery service. Founded by Nicole Kasal, Cleanse Culture is headquartered in Des Plaines and has winter-blues-blasting offerings including the intriguing Chakra Juice Cleanse.

Kasal studied the benefits of juicing as an intern at some of the country's top detox retreat centers. With her new company, she hopes to teach clients good habits that will foster a healthy lifestyle—and that's for the long-haul, not just for a few days of sipping.

Cleanse Culture offers three programs: The Juice Cleanse, the Smoothie Cleanse, and the Raw Food Cleanse. We're going to chat with Kasal soon to get the scoop on how this all works—and, of course, learn some survival tips for first-time juicers. Leave your questions for Kasal in the comments below, and stay tuned for the interview.
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