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Get a Six-Week Mind Cleanse For Only $60

 Photo: Courtesy of Exhale
Photo: Courtesy of Exhale

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We've been hearing a lot about juice cleanses these days, but a little mind cleanse never hurt anyone, either. (Who wouldn't benefit from some cleared-up mental disc space?) So don't be surprised if you see us resting peacefully at Exhale for the next six weeks—and still having cash to burn on post-relaxation drinks.

The six-week "mind cleanse," led by Rebecca Niziol, starts next Tuesday and takes place in six, 30-minute installments on Tuesdays through early April. (Did we lose you? Here's the list of dates.) There's no meditation experience necessary, and the whole series is only $60; a single session is $15.

Each week has different themes, starting with "Focus Within" on February 25. Subsequent sessions deal with quieting mental clatter, letting go of judgement and limiting thoughts and—finally—finding peace within. Kind of inspiring just to read about it, right? Sign up here.
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