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Head-Scratcher: Selfies Could Be Spreading Lice

 Photo: Sam Edwards
Photo: Sam Edwards

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Selfies have some pretty undesirable side effects as it is (see: the duck face), but this news makes us regard the whole practice with a little more nausea. Put down your breakfast and listen up: these self-indulgent pics could be spreading lice.

According to Carrie Madej, owner of the local Nit Free Noggins treatment centers, "there's a definite increase in head lice among teenagers." Because kids typically lean their heads together and hold the camera out to snap selfies—and lice infestations occur from head-to-head contact—"selfies could definitely be the culprit," she said. Our head itches just thinking about it.
· Nit Free Noggins Lakeview [Yelp]

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