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Valentine's Day Q&A: Meet Burlesque Star Michelle L'Amour

 Photo: Mike White
Photo: Mike White

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After all that sweetness, we promised you we'd bring you a spicy Valentine's-Day-gift idea, so here it is: on February 14 and 15, international burlesque star Michelle L'Amour will host her Big Sexy Show at City Winery. Read all about the risque Chicagoan, below—and pick up a few flirtation techniques while you're at it. Just don't ask her where she shops for clothes.

What makes you feel sexiest?
Good food, good wine and great conversation.

Where in Chicago do you love to shop for lingerie?
My closet.

For clothes?
I don't wear clothes.

For makeup?
Sephora or Ulta.

Best beauty tip you've picked up as a performer?
Body butter. I love it! Take really good care of your skin. Drink a lot of water, exfoliate and use sunscreen.

How do you stay in shape when you're not working? Are there any Chicago gyms or workouts you love?
I go to ballet classes at Lou Conte Dance Studio. I'll also do pilates and a little yoga, and I stretch and tone everyday.

Best tip for snagging a Valentine's Day date?
I like the "cat" approach. If you show a little disinterest at the top, you'll make them feel really good when you are interested. Like they've earned it because they are special. The eager beaver comes in last.

What's the cheesiest Valentine's Day gift you've ever received?
It was in grammar school. Maybe fourth grade. This cute boy gave me a little stuffed bear that was holding a heart that said 'I Love You'. Ok, it's actually really cute but I took the message seriously.

What's the best Valentine's Day gift to get or give?
Well, I'm easy to please. I don't need big extravagant gifts. I love thoughtful little somethings. A massage, flowers, a homemade dinner. The best gift to give is yourself. Learning to unwrap your "gifts" is essential.
Pick up tickets for the Big Sexy Show here.
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